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Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2013

Contest details: Welcome to the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2013 official website, the global food photography awards celebrating all that is special and significant about food photography around the world. With a variety of food inspired categories, the awards are open to all professional and amateur photographers, old and young, across the world, with a top prize of £5,000.

Eligibility: Open to all photographers, worldwide.

Entry Fee: £20.00 for up to 5 entries; additional entry is £3.00 each

Copyright: The copyright in all images submitted to the awards will remain with the entrant who will be credited. Each entrant grants to the Owners a non-exclusive irrevocable licence to reproduce, publish, and communicate to the public by any means and exhibit their image and copies of their image in all media throughout the world in relation to the awards and the exhibition and no other purpose.

Deadline: 31 January 2013



Nikon Small World Competition 2013

Contest details: The Nikon Small World Competition is open to anyone with an interest in photography through the microscope. The subject matter is unrestricted and any type of light microscopy technique is acceptable, including phase contrast, polarized light, fluorescence, interference contrast, darkfield, confocal, deconvolution, and mixed techniques.

Eligibility: Open to all photographers 18+ years of age, worldwide.

Entry Fee: Free

Copyright: If selected, you will give non-exclusive rights to Nikon to use your name and the image in connection with the competition. Winning images will only be used in connection with the Nikon Small World Competition and accompanying publicity and will include appropriate photo credits.

Deadline:  30 April 2013



Its Liquid Photo Contest

Contest details: The contest is born with the goal of promoting contemporary art, architecture and design through all the divulging tools that the communication platform its LIQUID has used for years (press release, mailing list with more than 80,000 subscribers, international contemporary art and design events realization).

Eligibility: Worldwide   18+

Entry Fee: euro 50,00 for maximum 3 artworks; for every added artwork euro 20,00.

Deadline: January 23, 2013



Pic your city photo contest

Contest details: We loved it so much- we’re doing it again. This time though, and in the spirit of our global theme we want to open it up to everyone. To celebrate our next global event powered by Nokia this coming February, we are asking you to #PicYourCity. We want to see you using tools like Nokia Creative Studio, Light box, Hipster, Instagram and Stream Zoo (or none at all!) to showcase the uniqueness of our 10 host cities. There are a few other changes – this go round, we’re looking more for unique perspectives of iconic aspects of New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Lagos, Hamburg, Miami, DC, Singapore, Tokyo, and Milan. We’re also looking to see how our global theme of Open & Connected: Principles for a Collaborative World is incorporated. The best image overall will get the opportunity to travel to experience SMW13 February in the host city of their choice, and each of the 10 city finalists will win a Nokia Lumia 920 with Pure View imaging!

Eligibility: Open to any image of NYC, Paris, Copenhagen, Lagos, Hamburg, MIami, DC, Singapore, Tokyo, and Milan taken by a mobile phone and tweeted with the city name and hashtag #PicYourCity before midnight EST January 11, 2013.

Entry Fee: None

Copyright: None

Deadline: January 11, 2013 by midnight EST



Light painting photography contest 2013

Contest details: This light painting photography contest is to create a light painting image using any kind of the light source. You can create anything that you would like, such as portrait, graffiti, landscape, etc…. But it must be created with the light source. Release your creative ability for the light painting. Enter Link delight 2013 light painting Contest today and submit your masterpiece of the light painting, win the big prize!

Eligibility: Worldwide

Entry Fee: Free to Entry

Limit: 3

★ Grand Prize: iPad mini 64GB Wifi + 4G + $50 Coupon
★ 2nd Place: Egreat R300 Wifi 3D Player + $30 Coupon
★ 3rd Place: DSLR Gear Ring Belt + $30 Coupon
Copyright: At the time of entry, entrants are deemed to have read, understand and be in agreement with all our rules and conditions. Our company reserves the right to rule on any issues not covered in this page. In this contest, if the entrant disagree with any decision made by our company, that entrant have the right to withdraw his or her

  • In the event that the efficient, security, selection procedure, fairness of the contest or any related operations are deemed to have been compromised by our company beyond the control of the organizer–such as troubles relating to computer networks, computer virus infections or unauthorized computer access–then the receipt of some or all entries via the internet may be postponed or discontinued.
  • Entrants retain all copyrights and other equivalent rights to entered photographs, and the organizer has the rights as stated below in “Rights of the organizer”.
  • Winner will be entirely responsible for any tax or charge related to the receipt of any prize. Linkdeilght will be entirely responsible for shipping fee related to the delivery of any prize.
  • The decision of the judges are final, our company reverse the right of the judge.
  • Our company reserves the permanent nonexclusive right to publish, reproduce, display, distribute, and show on screen about the winning Photography on websites, Photo exhibitions, tradeshows, or any other media which is under the management of the organizer for the purpose of promoting our company. In all cases where such photographs are used, our company reserves the right to do so without obtaining the further prior permission of the winner and without offering any further compensation in any form.
  • The organizer is not responsible for the loss, deletion, or failure to store of any Photography uploaded to this photo contest.

Deadline: Jan /31 /2013



ONWARD Photo Contest 2013

Contest details: Juried each year by a leading figure in contemporary photography, ONWARD Compé spotlights new, envelope-pushing work that continues to further the medium. Now in its sixth year, Compé has solidified its standing as a highly respected international competition, drawing submissions from across the U.S. and around the globe. The competition seeks to increase the exposure of talented image-makers, create outlets for artists’ work, and present compelling photographs in a cohesive and well-curated exhibition. Compé and Summit are two prongs of ONWARD; a multifaceted photography happening that encompasses a photography festival in Philadelphia, an international competition, an online gallery featuring selected photographers, and workshops for discerning photographers.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Entry Fee: The submission fee is $40 for up to three images, $50 for four, $60 for five and $100 for seven.

Limit: 7 photos per artist

Prizes: $500 for two first place winners, along with a two-person gallery held at Project Basho for the winners.

Copyright: Project Basho will make reasonable efforts to protect your submissions. We are not, however, liable for damage, loss or replacement. Project Basho reserves the right to reproduce accepted work for marketing purposes. Photographers retain all other rights.

Deadline: Feb /11 /2013



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